• DoomLab

    DoomLab is a Doom-based suite for evaluating generalisation abiltiy of DRL agents.

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    Aug 2022

  • Hindsight Experience Replay Framework

    Implementation of hindsight experience replay (HER) using PyTorch.

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    Jan 2019

  • Integrated Gradient

    Implementation of integrated gradient (IG), which is an explainable AI technique.

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    Oct 2018

  • RL Playground

    Implementation of various deep reinforcement learning (DRL) algorithms using PyTorch.

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    Aug 2018


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    Interpretability in Vision-based Deep Reinforcement Learning

    King's College London / Guest lecture at computer vision foundation course.

    Nov 2023

  • logo of china university of petroleum

    Introduction of Reinforcement Learning

    China University of Petroleum / International summer school courses.

    Jul 2022

  • logo of alan turing institute

    PyTorch Tutorial

    The Alan Turing Institute / Invited tutorial at reading group.

    Aug 2018